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The Washington Legal Foundation (WLF) established its Legal Studies Division to develop substantive, credible materials designed to address cutting-edge legal issues in courtrooms and with policy-makers and the media. Since its inception in 1986, WLF has published and disseminated over 2,500 legal policy papers.

These audiences have long been subjected to, and influenced by, the ideas of special interest activists and lawyers hostile to economic liberties and free enterprise. WLF's Legal Studies Division counters their influence.

WLF is not content simply to respond to these special interest lawyers and activists in the courtroom. The principles of free enterprise and legal and judicial restraint, and strong protections for national security must be promoted before these issues reach the court.

The Legal Studies Division leads this effort by producing highly regarded and timely papers in eight distinct, free-standing publication formats, and distributing them to expertly targeted audience of federal and state policy-makers, judges, legal reporters, key decision-makers in the business community, leading academics, and others.

WLF has succeeded as an advocate and educator because it involves experienced private practitioners, policy-makers, business leaders, academics and federal and state judges in writing, speaking and advocacy. The Legal Studies Division has been honored to feature nearly 2,200 different legal experts in its 30 years of educational outreach.

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