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The pro bono involvement of private attorneys, judges, business leaders, legislators, academics, and others as publication authors has been essential to the success of the Washington Legal Foundation. Thanks to hundreds of these independent legal experts, WLF's Legal Studies Division has been able to produce and distribute more than 1,780 legal policy publications since it was created in 1986.

WLF encourages you to participate in our efforts to educate the public and its policy makers on timely, important legal policy issues as an author or a resource for ideas. The Legal Studies Division produces papers on a wide range of topics, as you will see by browsing through the subjects in our publishing section. They vary in size from one, two, and four pages to law review-length. In order to maintain a high level of quality and originality, we do not reprint articles that have been identically published elsewhere.

WLF's Legal Studies Division encourages you to provide us with ideas for contemporary legal topics on which you or others could write a publication. You could also indicate a general interest in writing for us on a specific topic or topics, and we will contact you as the need arises for papers in that area of law and policy.

Please convey your interest in working with us to glammi@wlf.org.

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