Case Detail

Newton v. Parker Drilling Management Services, Inc.
On April 27, 2018, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit denied a petition to reconsider a wage-and-hour ruling that could result in companies facing hundreds of millions of dollars in back-pay awards. The order was a setback for WLF, which filed a brief urging the court to grant the rehearing petition. WLF argued that the appeals court—by ruling that employees on off-shore oil platform are entitled to be paid 24 hours each day, even for time spent sleeping—improperly rejected a half century of federal law governing wages paid to employees stationed on off-shore oil platforms. In reliance on past law, oil companies have paid premium hourly wages to off-shore workers, but limited to hours actually worked. The court’s order denying rehearing contained one silver lining: at WLF’s suggestion, the Ninth Circuit stated that on remand the district court should consider whether the new rule should be applied prospectively only—thereby eliminating potential back-pay liability.
Case Status:
Rehearing denied. Defendants may seek Supreme Court review.
More Information and Downloads:
4/2/2018: Download the Brief

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