Case Detail

In re Fraudulent Asbestos Claims
(Regulatory Proceeding)
WLF has launched a nationwide project designed to focus the attention of prosecutors and bar authorities on fraudulent evidence in asbestos cases. In petitions filed in Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas, Washington, and West Virginia, WLF charged that plaintiffs' attorneys are filing thousands of asbestos lawsuits on behalf of claimants who are neither ill nor physically impaired. WLF charged that attorneys collect plaintiffs through questionable screening programs; it requested that bar authorities investigate the manner in which those programs are conducted. WLF charged that because thousands of asbestos tort suits have been filed on behalf of healthy claimants, more than 30 major corporations have been driven into bankruptcy, yet those truly injured by exposure to asbestos cannot gain speedy access to the compensation they deserve.
Case Status:
Awaiting responses to petitions.
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