Case Detail

FOIA Requests re: Agency Abuse
(Regulatory Proceeding)
WLF filed a series of Freedom of Information Act requests with several regulatory agencies designed to uncover instances of misconduct and abuse by agency investigators in enforcing various laws and regulations against the business community and individuals. WLF's initial set of FOIA requests targets the EPA, OSHA, FDA, Bureau of Land Management, Office of Surface Mining, and U.S. Forest Service. If you have been the victim of regulatory abuse or are aware of any instances of abuse by any federal government agency, please contact WLF.
Case Status:
Awaiting response
More Information and Downloads:
10/8/2003: Download the Letter
10/8/2003: Download the Letter
10/8/2003: Download the Letter
9/28/2003: Download the Letter
9/16/2003: Download the Letter

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