About WLF Litigation

Litigation is the backbone of the Washington Legal Foundation's (WLF) public interest programs. WLF litigates across the country, before state and federal courts and agencies.

Our litigation team takes a multi-faceted approach to the practice of public interest law to promote and protect our freedom:

  • We litigate original actions and file briefs in federal and state courts on behalf of and support of individuals, property owners, government agencies, business groups, citizen and consumer groups, and federal and state legislators.
  • We support government agencies whose mission is to protect America's freedom, when those agencies are challenged by special-interest lawyers in the courts.
  • We testify before Congressional committees and government agencies on the public interest aspects of proposed legal and policy changes in the law and its administration.
  • We conduct investigations to promote reasonable government action and accountability.
  • We file reform proposals with state Supreme Courts and Bar Associations to promote ethical conduct among lawyers, and lodge disciplinary complaints against federal and state judges engaged in misconduct.

WLF is noted for its aggressive, professional litigation skills, which enable it to prosecute high-profile, landmark cases while representing a diverse public interest base. Our seasoned attorneys have broad expertise in a number of fields, including:

  • national security and defense
  • commercial free speech
  • product liability
  • punitive damages
  • food and drug law
  • environmental and property rights law
  • administrative law
  • and constitutional law

This in-house litigation capability is enhanced by the resources of dozens of law firms, which provide invaluable pro bono services and multiply our effectiveness in the courts and agencies.

WLF brings a much-needed rational voice to the public debate and decision-making process on cutting edge legal issues -- in the courts, regulatory agencies and the media.

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