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About WLF's Civic Communications Program:

WLF's Civic Communications Program ensures that champions of free enterprise are equipped with the scholarly, timely, and pertinent information in print and online that they need to become effective advocates. We believe that knowledge empowers citizens nationwide to recognize threats to their individual liberties.

Our targeted, broad-based communications programs - featuring webcast Media Briefings and Webinars on current legal issues, educational seminars, succinct LegallyBrief video commentaries, advocacy ads in national journals and newspapers, legal PR, and op-ed features published in The New York Times - provide exposure to important knowledge and help ensure the preservation of freedom and justice.

Our Civic Communications Program educates Americans about critical legal issues affecting their rights, while supporting WLF's litigation and publication initiatives. This multifaceted public education program includes:

  • Advocacy ads in national newspapers and periodicals to focus the public's attention on important legal issues.
  • Media Briefing series to highlight timely legal issues, featuring top legal experts including federal judges, executive branch offcials, U.S. senators and representatives, key congressional staff members, and corporate general counsel.
  • Webinar series, which presents viewers with live webcast analysis and commentary by noted legal experts on timely developments in law and public policy.
  • LegallyBrief videos, which offer the public timely, easily-accessible video commentary on legal and policy developments that affect America's free enterprise system and individual and economic freedoms. These three- to four- minute videos are available on a separate website WLF created to host the project, legallybrief.com. They are also available on WLF's library on YouTube.
  • Webcasting archive that allows viewers to watch WLF's Media Briefings and Webinars on their computers at their convenience.

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